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We Know Who The Next Host of the Daily Show Will Be
March 30, 2015

Earlier today The New York Times announced that South African comedian Trevor Noah will be the sole source of news to a terrifying majority of young people as the next host of The Daily Show. There had been a lot of speculation since Jon Stewart announced his retirement about who would take over him. The Internet had TONS of suggestions for who the perfect replacement would be. Everyone from A-Listers like Tina Fey & Amy Poehler to current correspondents on the show like Jessica Williams to people who already had a fake news show on another channel like John Oliver. Now we know for sure that none of those people will get the job even if Comedy Central reacts to the inevitable backlash (blacklash?) by firing Noah before he can actually take over. Trevor Noah is going to host The Daily Show, should we care?


Sure. If you're a fan of the show and interested in its future, go for it. Should you have strong negative opinions about the choice that border on knee jerk reactions? Nah, probably not.


Noah is a relative nobody on American television (only 3 appearances on TDS as a correspondent and a pretty solid stand up special on Netflix), but that doesn't mean he can't do this job well. We have no idea how this incarnation of The Daily Show will turn out. What we do know is that there is nothing that disqualifies him from being an acceptable choice. Trevor Noah will have a perspective unique from Jon Stewart's curmudgeonly Jew from Gotham. He's not from here, he grew up in a mixed race family in a place where that was against the law, he's 21 year's younger than Stewart, AND has a smile that could end an international crisis.


It's easy to forget that Jon Stewart did not have the cultural importance he has today when he first started on The Daily Show. But we have to remember that before he only landed at his current desk because a late night talk show that he auditioned for preferred Craig Kilborn (the first host of The Daily Show) thus creating a vacancy.


Doesn't ring a bell for me either

Sure we all want a big star to step in and keep the show rolling exactly as it is. But why would a Poehler or a Fey want to do that? They already ran their own shows and definitely still remember how much work it was. Its unrealistic to expect the next guy to sit behind the desk to stick around for another 17 years (or even as long as Colbert did). But if Trevor Noah puts in a solid couple of years and then moves on, we should be satisfied.


What we should get upset about instead is that they didn't name Larry Wilmore's show Minority Report. Comedy Central fucked up with that one, I don't care if someone already owns that name. Buy it.

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