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A Fantasy League of Ice and Fire Rookie Watch
April 03, 2015

There will always be a shit ton of people in Westeros, and given their tendency to die at any given moment there will always be rookies to take their places. Let's look at a couple of rooks you want in your line-up and a few more that you should run away from screaming.


Can't Miss Prospects (Probably)


The Sand Snakes

You might have noticed that Oberyn Martell did a lot of fucking during his brief time in Kings Landing. That was the case before he got there too. This has resulted in him having seven daughters (the curse of being too bad ass to have a son). Three of whom (Nymeria, Tyene, and Obara) are old enough to kick some serious ass. And they're probably super hot, so they're probably going to do some banging on top of their violence. These players have very high ceilings but drafting a rookie is always a gamble because they should still be available in the mid to late rounds when you're looking to fill out your bench and nail some sleepers. I would classify these as sleepers, because I would like to sleep with them.


Areo Hotah

​This is Prince Doran (Oberyn's brother)'s bodyguard. Bodyguards tend to fit into one of two archtypes: those who have names and those who do not. If you're a henchman and nobody knows your name, you're going to die at the first sign of trouble. That's a guaranteed fact (see every James Bond movie ever). The ones with names on the other hand? They usually die too, BUT not before killing some mother fuckers on their way out. Draft this dude and thank me later.


Riskier Prospects


Doran Martell

Doran has been the Prince for a long time and has gout so severe that he is confined to a wheelchair. The only other crippled noble person we have encountered in the series is Tyrion and he is an unending stream of sick burns. I would really like to see a dude in a wheelchair with a giant axe-bearing bodyguard behind him shooting his mouth off at Jaime Lannister. I really want that. But on the other hand there is a pretty good chance that he is kind of a pussy and its Jaime who does the mouth shooting off. If he is there in the last round, I would say take him to stash for a few episodes before seeing which end of the shit talking spectrum he lands on.


Myrcella Baratheon

Remember her from Season 2? She's been in Dorne eating a shit ton of fruit and spicy peppers for a while so she might be a normal little girl. Or she is a lot like Cersei and has a tongue as acidic as the blood oranges that are indigenous to Dorne. I don't know if I would draft her but she could put up some respectable numbers in the right situation, for now I would leave her on the waiver wire and try to scoop her up if there are signs of badassery.


Prospects to Avoid


Denys Mallister & Bowen Marsh

These dudes are senior members of the Nights Watch and neither of them are Rangers. They're old, they probably don't talk a lot of shit because that seems to be a southern character trait and there ain't nowhere further North in the civilized part of Westeros. These are people to take at the end of the draft and immediately try to trade to your dumbass friend who just started watching last season and hasn't learned everyone's name yet.


There are undoubtedly some contributors that we just haven't seen enough of to make a good assessment. Overall I believe there is a lot of value in these rookie class and will be targeting several in all of my drafts.

Smigoversen, first of his name, Master of Words, Cheapskate Beer Snob, and Protector of the Realm can be reached by raven here.

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