THE SCORE (2001)
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Robert De Niro
Edward Norton
The guy from THE GODFATHER
By Evan Finkle
January 01, 2014

So it was probably one of the slowest / legato heist movies there ever was. The movie is about a rich Jazz club owner / safecracker (De Niro) who under influences from his fence (seller), decides to do one last big score that would let him settle up and fly right with his club. Marlon Brando is fat as ever, and tells De Niro about a scepter that is locked up in customs and there is 5.6 million in it for him if he steals it. It gets even better because a guy is already casing the joint doing the prep work (Eddy Norton).

De Niro pretty much throughout the movie tries to play it safe and not take any risks but also manages to blow up the safe to get into it without hurting any of the contents (insert mythbusters link here) and in general place a pretty boring thief. Edward Norton however, plays a badass, smart, young thief who can do computer hacking and additionally, Norton shows his acting chops, fooling the both the movie world, and temporarily the audience, into thinking he’s a mentally challenged janitor to gain access to the building in the first place, and then, yeah he tries to screw De Niro over in the end and attempts to steal the scepter, but De Niro outwits him just by switching two similar looking cases before the end.

The redeeming qualities to the movie is that its got some good heist depth to it, in the sense that they show the prep work for the night of the heist , and show a lot of the planning leading up to it, and as the movie goes on additional security makes things SO MUCH MORE INTENSE! like additional cameras, and a laser beam system. To be honest though watching the two burglars case the joint was the best part of the movie and held enough ground that they could have cut some of the sissy shit out regarding the financial situation of Brando, as well as the fact that De Niro chose to do the whole thing because his flight attendant girlfriend Angela Bassett (with a classic Esperanza Spalding-like Hairdo) wanted him to quit.

Oh and the whole thing takes place in Montreal, and De Niro NEVER does jobs in his home city, but because the scepter is such a lucrative heist, he breaks his rule.

Sometimes a dudes' gotta pee...

In the way that you give a girl a 7 when you’re around other girls so that the girls who are around you think you're either nice enough not to outright shit on somebody for their looks or so they think you think average girls are more attractive than they are because they might be a “7” too. Out of all the girls ever, I’d actually give this movie a 4.8.
I finally got around to watching The Score. I shouldn’t have read The Finkler’s review before seeing it though, because I knew the whole “Edward Norton isn’t actually a mentally challenged janitor” twist before it actually happened, which ruins the whole movie. Overall, super slow movie, but the old janitor dude seems like he’d make a pretty sweet grandpa.
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I looked almost identical when I went to the Belmont!
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