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Sigourney Weaver
The guy from STRIPES
Wayne Zolinsky
By Evan Finkle
January 22, 2014

The scene opens with an eerie bowed tone, as we fade into a gargoyle outside of the New York Public Library. An old female librarian heads down into the stacks to re-shelf some books and do her daily duties. As she walks through the halls it seems as though books are floating from one shelf to the next behind her. When she checks behind her, she doesn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. She continues down the next hallway and shelves begin opening behind her, one by one, and each begins to shoot out index cards from its contents. Drawer after drawer unleashes its cards, flying up and out, making more and more noise. The Librarian finally turns around to see what is happening behind her and runs! She makes it out just as the final drawer opens behind her, but as she turns a flash of light shines on her face and she releases a cowardly scream! Baduhbaduh baduhdaduh baduhbaduh baduhdaduh! If there's somethin' strange, in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? THE GODDAMN GHOST FUCKING BUSTERS, THAT'S WHO.


Probably the catchiest movie theme of all time that somehow is recognizable to young children 30 years after the movie came out. Everybody loves it. Everybody sings the bass line. Everybody is also kinda annoyed by it.


Oh yeah, and there’s a movie after the song too. It's halfway decent. The beauty of the movie is Bill Murray not giving a shit, and if you know Bill Murray like we do here at, then you’ll know its a role he has quite a bit of experience with (Murray doesn’t give shits in STRIPES, CADDYSHACK, LIFE AQUATIC, ZOMBIELAND, LOST IN TRANSLATION, and also real life). So that's always fun to watch because he's a funny guy. The rest of the movie is held together by Sigourney Weaver being kind of sexy. Yeah, the movies got some jokes interspersed by the straight men Ghostbusters (straight in the comedic sense), and the effects were good enough (considering the movie is from like the 80s?), but really it's Bill Murray that people watch the movie for. We can all agree that Aykroyd peaked in TRADING PLACES.


The plot itself is about Zuul, a god from ancient Mesopotamia coming back to Earth and sending ghosts and demons from the beyond to take human form and open the gate between the realms. Sigourney gets possessed by the gatekeeper, and Wayne Zolinsky gets possessed by the Key holder, and I think they need to bone in order to open the gate between realms? They both turn into giant dogs and the Ghostbusters are called in to save the world. The movie ends when Zuul unleashes hell on Earth in the form of a giant marshmallow man which is destroyed by the ghostbusters when they cross the streams of their ectoplasmic containment units.


The moral of the movie: If you care about the fate of the universe, cross the goddamn streams.

Sometimes a dudes' gotta pee...

Moderately stands the test of time, but really is more of an all-purpose comedy, not so much a Dudefest movie.
I’ll admit that I haven’t seen this one in a long time. It is definitely a good watch and it has a certain level of dudeliness, mainly in the form of the Ghostbusters being 4 bros who kill ghosts. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, do it. Right now, it’s important goddamnit!
Right off the bat, it is important to mention that GHOSTBUSTERS might have the greatest theme song of all time. My friend bought Lego Rock Band just so that we could play Ghostbusters on plastic guitars. The only reason I’m not giving this a perfect score is the lawsuit that alleged Ghostbusters sounded too much like a Huey Lewis and the News song I’ve never heard of. The movie is also good.
Great movie, a comedy classic. Loses some points for me because they did the whole 80s “Add A Token Black Guy” thing without actually taking the time or effort to make him a real character. Which I think is a huge cop-out. However, this is a classic Looks Brains Wildcard scenario, which I think is awesome. Plus, you’ve got Rick Moranis in there, and he’s pretty awesome too. The movie is always good for a laugh, so I give this one 7.5.
Any movie about ghosts is terrifying. Anyone who tries to get me to watch one is an asshole.
Comedy movie that's pretty heavy on the bromance. What's not to like? Added bonus: the only time I've ever seen Pat Holland cry.
"Yes, it's true: this man has no dick" One of my favorite lines of any movie.
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I looked almost identical when I went to the Belmont!
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