IN BRUGES (2008)
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Colin Farrell
Mad-Eye Moody
Guy who played Voldemort actually too
By Evan Finkle
January 30, 2014

So this review for me is going to be a hard one I think. This movie was WAY better than I thought it was going to be, but not in a way…


The movie is about two assassins (Farrell and Moody), who are ordered to lay low in Bruges (some city in Belgium) while things cool down after a job. Stuck in a town known for its peaceful life and cultural history, the two men try to figure out how to spend their time waiting for the next job.

That is about as much as I can say without ruining the movie for you so here it goes


MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT WARNING - If you are going to see this movie, which you all should, wait to read on.


Death. Dying. What does it mean? Can a murder be justified? What if someone else dies in the process? What if its a child? W hat if it was an accident? While all these questions are probably useless to you, these are the questions going through Farrell’s mind during this movie. Because thats what he did. And now he’s in Bruges, unknowingly waiting to be killed by his employer, played by Voldemort. Coincidenally Voldemort is also thinking about killing himself.


Mad-Eye, who is Farrell’s long time friend and partner, tries helping him deal with the guilt. At least, until he gets orders from Voldemort to kill Farrell. After that, a bunch of coincidences make the plot thicken. The movie is well written, and you want so badly for everything to be okay. But it so isn’t. And yet, at the end somehow it is? Everybody dies, but like, you get it? It some how makes sense of the world. Its like a “Memento” ending, where you finally get it, but it didn’t work out the way you wanted. Less of a twist for sure, but it is sooo fucking good.

I don’t know, I realize this is kind of a shitty review, but the movie is filled with complexity. It's got some weird artsy shots of Bruges, and children, and like maimed dogs, and also paintings of a person being skinned alive that somehow all work fucking perfectly in the movie. See it. Just go see it.

Sometimes a dudes' gotta pee...

Dudefest - 6, Regular movie - 9.5. Such a good movie. Well done to the max. No explosions, there is LOTS of blood so that's a plus, and there is a pretty realistic consequences from all the gun violence (shot in the stomach isn’t insta-death, bodies smash when falling from certain heights, that sort of thing). I say give it a try.
They keep saying the singular form of Bruges in the movie, which drops the ‘s’. Weird. Anyways, I’m with the Finkler in that the movie is great, and I thought it was solidly Dudefest. It’s a bromance of sorts, and everything that happens in the movie is super unexpected. Definitely worth a watch if you’re in the inquisitive mood, but it’s not a movie to drink and holler at. Note also that Philip Seymour Hoffman is not the guy who looks like Philip Seymour Hoffman in the movie.
Bros being bros while on a “vacation”. Not much more dudely than that, I gotta say. Having a miserable time in a place you hate with your best friend is pretty dudefest.
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