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about 8 years ago
what do the acronyms mean? bb = bottom bracket?
on Tinder
about 8 years ago
This is literally the best thing to do at work. I like to poop at work almost first thing. It's the best way to start off the work day, also by the...
on Your Number Two Priority in the Office
over 8 years ago
What? No spot-weld? That is the best one!
on Farting Techniques We Recommend
over 8 years ago
I feel like this could have been longer and angrier, but regardless corona isn't worth it unless it's free than drink away!
on The Corona Lie
over 8 years ago
Great story bro, it hits close to home. Also this Ross Anderson guy takes great pictures, I hope he gets paid well.
on Drunk and Poor at 7-Eleven
over 8 years ago
False. It is blander and cans are WAAAY more convenient. They fit better in koozies, they are more transportable (bottles on camping trips are...
on Pabst Blue Ribbon in a Bottle -- A Long and Sordid History
over 8 years ago
It is ESSENTIAL that you poop in the woods, and there are very few woods where it is illegal to do so. Pooping in the woods is my favorite.
on Pooping in the Srat House
over 8 years ago
The only thing that makes beer bottles are good for is figuring out inventive ways to get the cap off. Otherwise beer in cans just makes more sense
on Magic Hat in a Can: A New Product With the Same Name