The Jocker hasn't found the time between masturbating and cleaning it up to write a bio.
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about 8 years ago
I thought this was 127 dresses.
on Review of 27 DRESSES
about 8 years ago
Drinking in public is one of the many ways we can learn from hobos.
on Being Inconspicuous
about 8 years ago
Glad to see Tal back on the site.
on Nepotism
about 8 years ago
What was the ratio of soak time to drink time? Hopefully it was very high!
on Making My Own Flavored Gins
about 8 years ago
Presentations are scary! The easiest way to go about them is to just not do them!
on Presentations
about 8 years ago
The Bud Light Knight? More like the Douche. Not cool man.
on The Bud Light Knight
about 8 years ago
I'm going to watch Community on Yahoo! Why do they have the exclamation point though?
on Third Monthly Dudefest Awards (June 2014)
over 8 years ago
on Find the Pickle: NFL Edition
over 8 years ago
Say goodbye to your pickle number 1 HA HA HA!
on Find the Pickle: Skydiving Edition
over 8 years ago
Burn baby burn!
on Building a Real Dudefest Bonfire