If you're on the About page of Dudefest.com, you probably have one of two multi-part questions. 1. What the hell is "dudefest", and why do these jackasses keep talking about it so much? 2. What the hell is "Dudefest.com", and why do I find it so intriguing? Well, dear visitor, you've lucked out, because we have answers to your question.


"Dudefest" is a word that has been used to describe heavy metal festivals, Big Lebowski viewing events, and when there are too many dudes (not possible) at a party. We here at Dudefest.com have a different definition.


dudefest [dood-fest]


1. an assembly or gathering of dudes engaged in a common activity

2. a celebration of dudes, guys, or masculine events, activities, characteristics

3. an action or occurrence to which dudes are generally attracted


4. having qualities traditionally ascribed to dudes

5. exhibiting characteristics or traits considered masculine, manly, dudely, or dudish

6. pertaining to or suitable for dudes


The Dudefest.com dudes use the word "dudefest" a butt ton because it's a catch-all word for stuff we consider dudely. It's as simple as that. What's the best movie? The worst TV show? The most exciting sport? The handsomest man? The greatest band? Hell if we know. You don't know either. We'll even wager there isn't a single human being who can answer any of those questions. But, do you know what we CAN answer? What's the most dudefest beverage? Beer. What's the most dudefest kind of food? Bacon. What's the most dudefest movie? Well, we'll let you decide. Dudefest is a word our generation has made up, so we can be the ones to define it.

Daily Dose of Dudefest
If you drop your wallet in lava, just leave it man. That shit is gone now.
Runner Falls, Still Wins
If God built me a ladder to heaven, I would climb it and elbow drop the world.
Mick "Mankind" Foley, 2000
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Survivor Man
Survivor Man is potentially the most dudefest TV show EVER made. It's about a dude going into the wilderness all over the world and surviving by himself for a week at a time. Also, by himself means that he literally brings all the camera stuff with him and films the show by himself. He hunts, he builds, he survives, he dudefests.